Professional Services and Multilingualism

As a bilingual professional, Kira Taylor offers her services to other lawyers and firms to assist with French matters. Our team is available to assist clients who speak English, French or Mandarin.

For French Clients

If you are a French-speaking individual, you should understand that you are entitled to receive legal services in French. This includes the assistance of a lawyer, as well as a trial if it is needed. Generally, all hearings before the courts in Ontario are in English, as are any court documents. If, however you speak French, you are entitled to have a bilingual proceeding.

When looking to begin or respond to a court proceeding, or file court documents in a bilingual proceeding, understanding the proper procedure for doing so is essential. Speak with our team to learn more about how they can help.

For other legal matters, including estate planning, Kira is able to work with clients and draft legal documents in French while ensuring they are accurate and complete.

For Legal Professionals

If you have French-speaking clients or are dealing with a case that requires specialized knowledge of the French language in the legal context as well as French language rights, we can help.

We provide the following services for professionals to assist them with their legal matters:

  • Consulting on Bilingual or French language litigation proceedings
  • Review of French language legal documents
  • Preparation of French language legal documents including:
    • Contracts/Agreements
    • Wills, Powers of Attorney and Trust Documents
    • Civil Pleadings
    • Family Law Pleadings
    • Opinion Letters/Legal Correspondence

If you require the assistance of a French-speaking legal professional for personal matters or to assist you with matters in your professional practice, contact the law office of Kira E. Taylor Law at 905-709-6894 or send us an email.